Registration membership

It is very easy to become a member. Just fill out the form below. Field with an asterisk are required. A single form per household is sufficient. The membership is valid for all persons living at the same address. The primary member (whose name is to be filled out below) serves as our main point of contact.

The membership costs only € 5 per household per year. You may transfer the money yourself by regular bank transfer or pay by automatic transfer (in Dutch: 'automatische incasso'). In the latter case, fill out your bank account and we will send you an authorization form by regular mail. By signing that form you give us the right to automatically collect the membership fee from your bank account each year until you terminate the membership. It is always possible to undo the collection by contacting your bank.

If you choose for automatic transfer, fill out your bank account:

After submission of your request, you will receive within a few seconds both a confirmation on your screen and a confirmation by e-mail. If you have not received a confirmation, please fill out the form again or contact us through