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Lately the Bosrand is in the spotlights again. On the one hand because of the concrete blocks that narrow the road, which recently have been placed. On the other hand because of the zoning plan Bosrijk in which this road formally is established.

For years already the Bosrand is the route that connects Zandrijk and Grasrijk. A local route for the residents of Meerhoven. To avoid the road being used as a shortcut by outside traffic. At the time the descision was made to plan this route such that it has a minimum attraction to ongoing traffic and make it impossible for trucks. This to accommodate as much as possible, the original plans of the area (see history Bosrand).

Because of the old concrete sewer pipes were no longer satisfactory, the roadblocks were adjusted in the beginning of March. The new concrete blocks, according to the municipality, have the same distance between the two as the sewer pipes. However they are longer and more robust. This gives a narrower image than before. For the more experienced driver these new passages are no problem, however others do struggle with it, according to the many reports of damages to cars. The municipality is in consult with the residents associations (R.A.) in Meerhoven about possible adaptations. The associations plead for a height instead of a width limitation to block freight traffic. Also the associations would like to see the adjustment of the pavement to lower the noise disturbance.

Zoning plan
Beside of narrowing the road, the Bosrand itself is also a point of discussion. In the zoningplan Bosrijk the Bosrand is formally laid down. But a few local residents would prefer the Bosrand to be removed completely. However, for the R.A.’s Gras-, Zand-, Bos- and Meerrijk this is not a point of discussion. They support the outcome of the traffic evaluation Meerhoven. At the time all residents of Meerhoven were able to participate to this process. The conclusion was the the Bosrand should remain open for local traffic. With the condition that the traffic flow on and around flight forum had to improve so ongoing traffic would not be tempted to use the Bosrand. This will be realized soon by the socalled Challenge variant. R.A.Grasrijk has recently explained her views for the city council.

History Bosrand
The original plans for Meerhoven assumed a ring road that would open up the separate neighborhoods. Between the separate neighborhoods there would be no traffic by car possible. this to keep the neighborhoods as car-free as possible. Because of the realisation of the local N2 roads next to the A2 highway, this ring road was changed into a horseshoe structure. Thereby the eastern part was left out. The Sliffertsestraat was cut acoording to the “less car policy” of the neighborhood. since that cut led to resistance among many residents, the decision was made in 2006 to create a small escape route from the centre of Zandrijk via the edge of Bosrijk (Bosrand). Because of this, local car traffic between Zandrijk and Grasrijk via Bosrijk remained possible. With the Bosrijk zoning plan, the procedure has now been started to formally lay down this access route.


Sunday the 27th of May, city archaeologist Nico Arts, gives a lecture on the archeolgy and history of Meerhoven. This lecture will take place from 14.00 till 15.00 in the “Zeecafe” from Wooninc. Plus building “De Blinkert”, Graskant 11, Meerhoven.

Immediate reason for the lecture is the recent publication of the book “New people on old land, archeology, history and urban development of Meerhoven”. The book is edited by Nico Arts and tells about the archaeological excavations, which were done in Meerhoven from 2000 until in 2012. During this lecture Nico Arts takes the public to the Middle Ages, the History of the former airfield Welschap, the dark years of the Second World War, but also to the backgrounds of the urban development which characterises Meerhoven.

Sign Up
The lecture is an initiative of the combined R.A.’s in Meerhoven. Entrance is free but interested parties must register in advance via Among those present a free copy of the book is raffled. The book is also for sale in the bookshop or online via at € 24,95.


In the autumn of 2017 excercisepark Meerhoven was realised. this made the dream of initiator Ivo Recourt a reality. “With this excercisepark we have a unique outside sportschool with equipments in Meerhoven. A place that brings people together, where children, parents and elderly can sport together. We have chosen to start small. if the initiative is successful, we may be able to create meeting places of this kind in several places.”

Recourt had this idea already for years. with R.A.’s in Meerhoven a working group was set up in which the idea was further elaborated and financial resources were sought. Hanneke Hilferink was also intensively involved in the initiative: “To stimulate the use of the exercise park, we will draw up an activity program together with the primary schools, the youth center, sports clubs and senior group Meerhoven 55+. Health center Meerhoven is also interested in contributing to this.”

The exercise park is situated near the entrance of Sportpark Meerhoven and concists of 8 devices with which a complete training program can be performed. the exercise park is equipped with a sign with instructions. Also, each device has a QR code with which the exercise program for the specific device can be requested via a smartphone and a special Fitness app. With the app, results can also be tracked and neighborhood members can be challenged to participate. For more info:

The exercise park will soon be officially opened. For the exact date, keep an eye on and the social media. The exercise park was made financially possible by the municipality of eindhoven, rabobank Eindhoven-Veldhoven and R.A.’s in Meerhoven.


After the succes of their Feelgood Market on Strijp-S, Priya van Breugel and Advait Bryers had the idea to realise a sustainable eatery in the nature. A place to relax, get inspired and
enjoy the Feelgood mood. Eventually they found that place in Meerhoven at the Waterfront, near Park Meerland. This idea was called the FeelGood Park.

Meeting place
The planned eatery will have 80 seats and a terrace. Van Breugel: “It will be a sustainable, cozy meeting place. We will take care of fine coffee, lovely homemade pies, soups and
salads. All of this will be prepared as much as possible with local and season products.” Besides eating and drinking there will also be inspiring activities in the FeelGood Park, such as creative workshops, yoga and meditation. The children will also not be forgotten, so the parents can relax. “It will be a place, full of creativity, music, inspiration and meetings in a holiday atmosphere, but on a much smaller scale than the Feelgood Market”, according to Van Breugel.

Although most people in Meerhoven welcome the FeelGood Park, there are also objections from local residents. They fear that the Feelgood Park will cause nuisance. Mainly because of the parking place of 60 cars and the maximum opening hours (during the week till 11 pm and in the weekend till 1 am). The Feelgood Park would be realized this summer, but due to a lawsuit between local residents and the municipality, the realization of the eatery has been postponed. The judge asked local residents and the municipality to come closer together. If they can not figure it out, the judge will still make a decision.

Meeting FeelGood
On Tuesday the 15th of May, the R.A.’s in Meerhoven organise a meeting with the initiators of the FeelGood Park. Priya van Breugel and Advait Bryers will give a brief explanation of their plans. Afterwards there is plenty of opportunity for asking questions. The meeting starts at 20.00 hrs and will last for maximum one hour. Location: De Hangar, Meerbos 4, Meerhoven. Everybody is welcome, but please signup in advance through so we have an indication on the number of visitors.


You keep seeing them on the streets, the Social Sofa’s, concrete benches with a unique mosaic image. The concept was created in 2006 by Karin Bruers, a cabaretiere from Tilburg. Because she disliked the lack of social feeling. She though each street should have at least one bench, because there is a great need for natural meeting places in the neighborhood.

Meerhoven does not have a Social Sofa yet. R.A.Grasijk has looked for possiilities on request of its resident. In the meantime the finances are covered to realise the first Social Sofa in Meerhoven. The bench will be placed on the square of shopping centre Meerhoven. A logical place, because the centre connects all parts of Meerhoven. The project was financed by the municipality, shoppingcentre Meerhoven and the R.A.’s in Meerhoven.

Before the Social Sofa is realised, there is some work to be done. The intention is that the residents will themselves create a mosaic. and decorate the bench themselves. At the moment we are talking with basisschool t’Slingertouw to involve the children in this project and decorate the bench in the aula of the school. (location Grasland). Would you be interested to help, please send an email to The project is a fun way to meet people, everyone who joins is welcome to a free workshop of mosaic in advance.


Demolition building Sliffertsestraat
The building at Sliffertsestraat 23-25 in which formerly the healthcentre, plus supermarket and nature workplace were situated will be demolished soon. This to make space for new construction. Also the surrounding parking area will largely be removed.

Spilcentre Waterrijk
The repairs to the roof of Spilcentre Waterrijk have started. The moment is seized to make better use of the available space in the building. Thus the school can place an extra 150 students. The expectation is that this will be ready before the start of the new schoolyear. The temporary school at Zandkasteel will than be demolished.

District heating
Residents have signed up en masse, for the collective action by Stichting Stadsverwarming Eindhoven (foundation district heating Eindhoven). This action is for current/former homeowners and tennants in Eindhoven who are/were client with Ennatuurlijk. In case you have missed the deadline of April 15th 2018 and you still want to confirm your Participation, please check

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Translation by Els van der Hoek.